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One Center. Two Amazing Weight Loss Programs. 

Full Body Weight Loss
Lose Up to 1 Pound Per Day

Red Light Therapy
Lose 1-2 Inches in 1 Hour

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Red Light Therapy
Boost Targeted Fat Loss

New Patient Special!
Online Only

With our Red Light Belly Blaster you will lose 2 inches from your first visit or it is free. That’s right, our Belly Blaster comes with a money back guarantee and is priced so losing 2 inches is just $149.

Limited supply, new patients only. Purchase online and schedule via the office – appointment typically takes 90 minutes start to finish. The New Patient Special is nonrefundable.

FDA Approved

Our equipment is FDA approved for Fat Loss so you can be confident that it is tested, proven, and safe.


Minutes Per Session

Immediate Results

You can lose inches in just one session! Results vary upon starting conditions.


nm Wavelength

Safe & Supervised

All sessions are doctor supervised, painless, and relaxing.

Results in Minutes
95% of our clients see immediate results of 10cm reduction or more.

Ready to lose inches in minutes?

Full Body Weight Loss

Lose up to 1-2 Pounds Per Day

Safe, Effective Weight Loss

No exercise diets may sound like a dream, but it doesn’t have to be. When you want to lose weight quickly, easily, and safely without extreme dieting and excessive exercising, then you need Clanahan Wellness Center. We believe in fast weight loss that doesn’t involve dangerous surgeries. The best diet programs for weight loss involve a multi-part process that treats all the causes of excess fat. Contact Clanahan Wellness Center for a consultation and get started losing weight!

Take back your Health, Energy, and Image! Sign up for a no obligation consultation.